New broadband

I’ve been putting off changing broadband suppliers for years. It just never seemed convenient and I was always worried that I would end up with a worse, or even no service at all. I’ve stuck with Talk Talk for some time but have felt over the last few months that it was time for a … Continue reading New broadband

Home archive

The difference between a library system and an archive system is all to do with the relationship of the items in the collection. I learned this at Alnwick Castle. In a library application, items are catalogued based upon subject. There has been a library classification system, the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) in place since 1876, … Continue reading Home archive

Collaborating now

The demonstration was impressive but then again they always are.  Microsoft had done a good job in setting up some mock environments to show their newest technology in action.  It all went on in the banqueting suite at the Centre for Life in Newcastle, which seems to be the favourite domain of the big tech … Continue reading Collaborating now