Apprentice video

I have never liked video.  Appearing in one that is, rather than watching one.  It is not my medium and so when I am asked to get involved I don't approach it with my usual enthusiasm.  For once the gloss wears off on my type seven personality.  I have only had one successful engagement with … Continue reading Apprentice video

Training Apprentices

How exciting I am now a director of an ATA, an Apprentice Training Agency.  Service Direct Newco, a wholly owned subsidiary of the council has been awarded this status.  It has been a long up-hill climb to get there but it offers us some important capabilities.  My thanks must go to Cath, Steven and Lee … Continue reading Training Apprentices

Apprentices again

I applaud the government's position on apprentices.   This is not a political statement.  I'm not permitted to make them in my current role.  Anything that gets more young people into employment is fine by me. Even better if they are in a technical arena. The government stance is in providing skilled people for real jobs … Continue reading Apprentices again