Apprentice video

I have never liked video.  Appearing in one that is, rather than watching one.  It is not my medium and so when I am asked to get involved I don’t approach it with my usual enthusiasm.  For once the gloss wears off on my type seven personality.  I have only had one successful engagement with video and that was using a professional firm with auto cue.

We are working with a group of local school students.  Their idea is to create a video encouraging more young people to become apprentices.  Guess what.  Yes, here I am standing in front of the unblinking eye, pretending I’m enjoying myself.  This is what I talked about.

I am excited to be working in tech.  Why is that?   These days nothing runs without technology.  In Durham County Council, none of the services we offer could operate as they do without technology.  Technology helps people to do their jobs.  Technology helps people to live their lives

The industry has a lot of exciting jobs to offer and not all of the positions are technical in nature.  Our industry is wide ranging and requires a broad spread of talents. Designers, communicators, analysts, thinkers.  It needs the kind of talents you have.

The issue is though that there are not enough young people wanting to choose ICT as a career and in particular, there are not enough women.

This is where apprenticeships come in.  An apprenticeship is a way of getting into a career while being paid to learn.  Employers benefit by helping their future employees develop.  They improve understanding, they improve engagement and they improve the quality of work.  Apprenticeship are an important part of our approach to recruitment.

Why is all of this important?

Demand for talented people is growing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  It is estimated that ninety per cent of advertised jobs already require some degree of computer, keyboard or screen based ability.

There are now 1.64 million digital tech jobs in the UK, and the digital sector is creating jobs two times faster than other sectors.  The turnover of digital tech businesses reached £170 billion, an increase of £30 billion in just five years

In the North East, we have a very vibrant ICT industry with as many as 50,000 jobs in over 1,300 employers. Digital is a major employer across the North East with some household names such as Sage, BT, Virgin Money, British Airways and Tombola.  Seventy eight per cent of tech businesses in the North East are confident about the future growth prospects.

There are good jobs out there right throughout such organisations, plenty for everyone and a lot to aspire to.  The future is very bright.  The future of the workplace is technology.

The industry needs all of the talents within our society.  It needs to reflect all of its customers.  We need people of all abilities, all skills, all experiences and from all walks of life.  Apprenticeships is a great way of addressing these issues.

Another one for the virtual cutting room floor.

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