The man who enjoyed his work

Picture thanks to Blue Octopus

My friend’s brother, Chris, was most disappointed that I have changed my job. He has been telling everyone that I was the only person he knew who actually enjoyed his work and now that I had retired, or at least semi-retired, his story was ruined. I told him I was sorry and went on to suggest that he could use a new story, a one in which I continue to enjoy my new job.

Although tongue in cheek his lamentations were sincere in that most of the people he met were sick of their work and were dying to get out of it. I am not sure if it was his line of work or his age or just the company he keeps yet not enjoying your work seems to be common enough. I have met people who have said the same to me. People who have been counting down the days, grinding out their time with weary disinterest until that magic day arrives when they are free from the shackles of paid employment.

Yet I count myself lucky. Yes, I have had rubbish days at work (indeed, if you read my blogs for the year 2014 – A year of work in progress, I tell you exactly which ones they were) yet in the main they have been in the tiny minority. I have had the good fortune to be involved in exciting and innovative projects and work with people who are passionate about what they do. Most days I have looked forward to getting on with what was at hand.

I rarely felt I was at odds with my colleagues who, for the most part, also enjoyed what they were doing. In my new role it is the same. I have come across more and more people in a similar vein, who are really into what they are doing, even when it is hard. Mind you, I can now pick and choose who I mix with.

Chris, I am not unusual, there are plenty of us out there who enjoy our work. I can introduce you if you wish.

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