Audience feedback

noordI have had so much to write about these days that I have not got round to some feedback from the IT & Digital Leaders Dialogue event in Manchester, at the beginning of October. I was one of the participants in the Panel Discussion: Addressing the IT skills gap and promoting cultural change? There were four of us in the panel and it was a good and lively discussion.

It turns out that the audience liked our slot. The average score of feedback for our session was 4.8 out of 5. According to the organizers, ‘This is a great score, and I think that the audience really engaged with the content and theme of the discussion.’

I’m pretty pleased with that. Averages can hide a multitude of sins yet nearly everyone must have given a top score. I am one of those people who would never give a 5 out of 5 and so the score must have included some of those as well. It is like a gold star.

Whether the audience liked the style or the content was not clear though we got some good comments as well:

“Good debate: really interesting points from both public and private sector perspectives”

“Interesting perspectives from all of the panelists”

“Need to rethink how I manage my teams!”

At times I feel that I am ordering the tide to go back yet every time I get involved in such events I feel that my thoughts are becoming clearer and my message is getting more traction. My freedom agenda and the belief that the way we think about work is wrong, is gradually taking root. Admittedly they are small acorns from which hopefully a mighty oak tree will grow but everyone has to start somewhere. Every idea must start from a singularity.

If we have made one person think about how they manage their teams then we have made progress.

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