A new world emerges

Covid-19 is the pandemic that the world has been waiting for. Ten years ago I remember attending events about the possible threat of bird flu. Everyone was talking about how it would sweep across the world and that we needed to start planning right away. Fortunately the virus didn’t make the leap from birds to … Continue reading A new world emerges

Are food banks good?

I have been pondering over the question ‘Are food banks a sign of a successful society or rather and demonstration of a failing society?’  I am of two minds. Food banks are an increasing phenomenon. In 2017 there were nearly 1.2 million three-day food packs issued by the Trussell Trust, one of many such organisations … Continue reading Are food banks good?

A year of work in progress – day 31

Day 31 – 14 February 2014 Valentine’s Day is the day when love hangs heavy in the air.  What better way to spend the morning than with BT?  We have a meaty contract with them to deliver the broadband infrastructure for the Digital Durham programme and so it’s important that we maintain excellent relations throughout … Continue reading A year of work in progress – day 31