Creating a joint vision

I've talked about this before in my blog.  We have been running some joint management sessions with the ICT Leadership team and that of one of the services.  Not that we haven't met before, both teams know each other on a one to one basis but we haven't always met as a collective. Using this … Continue reading Creating a joint vision

Right in front of me

I think it was Warren Berger who said that ‘When people fail to see what's right in front of them, it's often because they stopped looking too soon.’  How true and I think I have been caught out by his words.  In case you are interested Warren Berger is an American journalist and author of … Continue reading Right in front of me

The function or the service?

I like to visualise. I like things stuck on walls that show what it is we are trying to do. White boards, interactive or not, with pictures, do more for me than a whole bunch of reports. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I admire those people who can get … Continue reading The function or the service?

Channel shift in action

We are witnessing channel shift in action.  OK, the customer contact centres were closed over the Christmas break but guess what…  The Internet was open and so was our new CRM system.  In spite of us not advertising it more widely yet, (you always have your opening event once things have settled down a bit) … Continue reading Channel shift in action

Another year of @NEICT

That’s another year over for the North East ICT Managers group.  Calendar year that is rather than financial year.  Of course that starts in April.  This year has been fun.  We’ve seen some comings and a number of new faces to replace some goings. The group is supposed to be the ICT heads from the … Continue reading Another year of @NEICT

Driving data to the average

Data is such a hot topic now.  There are many good examples emerging of where it has been used to improve businesses as well as plenty of examples of when things have gone wrong.  I was at a Digital Strategy and Business Intelligence Breakfast Meeting in Newcastle last week and one of the speakers, from … Continue reading Driving data to the average

Fresh perspectives

I read that Taiichi Ohno would draw a circle on the floor and make his new disciples stand in it and observe how things really worked.  He would make them stay there until they had a strong understanding of the business. I think it was in the book ‘The Machine that Changed the World’ in … Continue reading Fresh perspectives

Taking time to get out there

We always try to start our meetings off with some good stories.  It gets everything off on the right tone.  Brian told us how he had been out doing some mock interviews with some school students and how much he had enjoyed it.  Some of the young people were very good while some were less … Continue reading Taking time to get out there

Inspiring value trees

Another day, another value tree workshop.  OK, it’s only the second one that I have ever been to yet it seems that I am spending more and more of my time thinking about our Inspire programme and looking at modern ways of working and culture change. I’ve blogged about the value tree approach before and … Continue reading Inspiring value trees