Taking time to get out there

We always try to start our meetings off with some good stories.  It gets everything off on the right tone.  Brian told us how he had been out doing some mock interviews with some school students and how much he had enjoyed it.  Some of the young people were very good while some were less so.  He noted how there was a distinct difference between those young people who had been out and about and those who had not.  Those with a wider experience of the world, through work experience, volunteering or travel were much better able to articulate their strengths and they were far better placed to compete when it comes to a job interview, mock or not.

Steve told us about how him and Graham and Paul had been up to a security conference in Glasgow the week before.  He had been in two minds about whether to go or not, mainly on the back of having too much on.  In the end he felt he made the right decision and going to the event had given him some headspace to think about the problems he was facing back at the ranch.  Getting out there gave him other perspectives and the chance to judge how well positioned we were on the topic.  He ended his story by encouraging everyone to get out there, experience new things and don’t make snap decisions.

I liked both of these stories.  They fitted in with my view that there is a big world out there and you should make time to get out and find it.  Not only does it help you think about how other people do similar roles to you it allows you to think about how you do your own job.  Quite often when I go to a conference I learn less about what others are doing and learn more about how I approach my own work.

I did remind people that this would be a good use of their five per cent development time.

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