Elephant eating party

How do you eat an elephant?  Why, a slice at a time of course.  Everyone knows that.  So what do you do if you are faced with an elephant that needs to be eaten?  You get a few friends round and ask them to tuck in.  You have an elephant eating party.

It was Su’s idea and it came from a passing suggestion from Justin.  He said why don’t you have a party and so we did.  We had tea and cake.  A dozen or so interested (and interesting people) got around a table to talk about what we could do to chip away at the culture across the council.  Elephant and chips?

It was all very informal and we talked about a lot of things that could be done, some more contentious than others but what we wanted to try and do was to pick things that could be done fairly easily and were within the realms of possibility.

This was Guerrilla Working in action.  A small band of people coming together to look at how we could make a difference.  It was focussed, quick and before long we had agreed what we were going to before we disappeared back into the jungle.

Among the suggestions were to put up white boards or writeable wall coverings in the corridors and put on questions that people could respond to.  We’d tried this before in ICT and got some interesting things from it.  A sub group was going to have a look at an alternative to flexi time or at least help us to manage by objective rather than attendance.  We are going to try and upload photographs from the name badges onto Outlook so people can see who they are in contact with as well as set up a forum for the younger members of our team.

Everyone made a commitment to meet someone new at work every day.  I met a guy called Scott.

I couldn’t eat another thing.

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