Inspiring value trees

Another day, another value tree workshop.  OK, it’s only the second one that I have ever been to yet it seems that I am spending more and more of my time thinking about our Inspire programme and looking at modern ways of working and culture change.

I’ve blogged about the value tree approach before and so don’t intend to repeat myself.  Needless to say it’s a process of exploring what we mean by the topic in hand.  It helps us to identify what we are aiming at through a pithy mission statement and a list of important outcomes that will help us achieve that.

It was a good exercise with as many different opinions as there were people in the room, perhaps more.  Boiling down what we do as an organisation is complex if not impossible yet there was a clear current of thinking around the way that we would like our new organisation to be.  I still wonder why we can’t be it now but that is for another blog.  If not now, when?

During the course of the morning however, it became more and more apparent that the issues we need to address are the very ones that our ICT service has been grappling with.  That shouldn’t be a surprise as we are part of the same organisation yet a significant change has taken place.

The door has opened and we have stepped over the threshold.  What my team and I are trying to achieve is becoming accepted.  We are no longer on our own just at the vanguard of the cultural change.

Over the last few years there has always been a nagging doubt in the back of my head that we are going too far or too quickly and that somehow, one day we would become exposed by the actions we are taking.  Not any longer.

I am now even more convinced that we are on the right lines and that we should pursue our beliefs with renewed and reenergised vigour.

We talked about trust and freedom.  It was a liberating experience.

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