Creating a joint vision

I’ve talked about this before in my blog.  We have been running some joint management sessions with the ICT Leadership team and that of one of the services.  Not that we haven’t met before, both teams know each other on a one to one basis but we haven’t always met as a collective.

Using this approach we set out to achieve a number of objectives.  The first one is simply to get to know each other better and to understand what each individual does.  We may think we know but hearing it from the horse’s mouth is another matter.  The second is to understand the problems the service is facing and to see whether there are any technical opportunities to resolve them or at least alleviate them and the third is to look for new opportunities to use technology with their service in the future.

This week we have had two of these sessions.  The first was with Oliver’s Direct Services, an eclectic mix of what are considered as the traditional council services, refuse collection open spaces and transport for example.

The second was with Adrian’s Transport and Contact services, which look after strategic transport planning as well as school transport and the 24-hour care call service.

We did the usual and asked each of the managers what they would like to see changed the most, if they had a magic wand.  This gave us a range of things to consider.  The second session was facilitated however and this made a huge difference.  The people from Infomatum asked us to split into two groups with each having a different theme to consider, drawn from our wish list.  We were given some Post-It notes and asked to draw our ideas on them.  Each of us then had to our ideas to the rest of the group.

At first I was sceptical about such an approach, I am not great at drawing, but it went very well and we were easily able to group our ideas into a single viable proposition.  All we have to do now is to deliver them.  Using drawings is a technique that I have never used before and is something I would like to take up again.

These events are much better with facilitation.

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