Channel shift in action

We are witnessing channel shift in action.  OK, the customer contact centres were closed over the Christmas break but guess what…  The Internet was open and so was our new CRM system.  In spite of us not advertising it more widely yet, (you always have your opening event once things have settled down a bit) we have approaching twenty thousand people who have signed up to use the portal.  During the break two thousand issues and requests were logged online.  That seems like progress.

I’m delighted by this and also how the team has come back to agile project methodology.  It has been a bit of a hard slog.  We started the project agreeing that we would go down the agile route but it was a little half-hearted and to be fair I don’t think we really understood its full implications.  Our scrums fizzled out, the post it notes fell off the wall and we gradually crept back under the comfort blanket of Prince II.

But now we are back full circle.  We have realised the power of the different methodology.  We are running in two week sprints.  We have our digital Kanban board with a useful dashboard and virtual Post-it notes.  The scrums are reinvigorated and the mood has changed.

We are more aware of our capability.  We understand how much of what we set out to do is possible and we are getting better at estimating with every sprint.  We are releasing every two weeks and have been able to understand the effect of the host company’s version updates on our business.

It all sounds very healthy and I must say that I am feeling smug and vindicated.  In a short while I am sure we could start to roll the agile methodology out to all projects.  Perhaps what we have been through have been the inevitable growing pains of a large organisation that is trying to change years of history.

We are witnessing culture shift in action.

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