Fruit based products

I have resisted the temptation for too long.  Having got out of Blackberry almost as soon as I arrived in Durham I have managed to hold out on the onslaught of Apple fanciers for a long time.  What a fool I have been.

What am I saying?  Have I become a convert to shiny toys?  Read on.

Despite my reputation I have always admired Apple’s products.  Their devices look sleek and have a good user experience.  What I have not been so keen on however is the cult that seems to follow their brand.  The company has been very successful in building up a strong following and they come across as somehow younger, more hip and more at the cutting edge than the rest of us plebeian hordes.  I see the adorers worshiping at the new cathedrals in our local shopping malls.

But that is not the point.  Some people like the devices.  They have them at home and are more used to their look and feel, especially in a tablet device.  They want the same experience when they are at work and why not?

Just because I don’t get it doesn’t mean that they are wrong.  In some circumstances and for some job types we should be able to provide a wider choice, after all we provide robust devices to those who work outdoors.

We’ve set up a few people to use the tablets for when they are in meetings and I have taken one home to have a play around with.  For me they don’t work as well as a laptop, file management is an issue and getting documents from one environment to another is not as easy as I would like.  But these are minor issues and I’m sure we can get around them in no time at all.

I’m going to stick with my Lenovo Think Pad as it does everything that I need but am determined this year to take a more proactive view of other’s preferences.

This is my resolution this year, to stop whingeing and to be less petulant.  I might get away with the first.

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