Right in front of me

I think it was Warren Berger who said that ‘When people fail to see what’s right in front of them, it’s often because they stopped looking too soon.’  How true and I think I have been caught out by his words.  In case you are interested Warren Berger is an American journalist and author of the great book ‘A More Beautiful Question’.  It is well worth the read.

What I have failed to see that is right in front of me is that our desktop technology is not keeping up to pace.  Well, that’s not quite true in that we have tuned our offering to meet the needs of those people who come into more or less the same place every day.  That may not be good enough.  It holds true for the vast majority of the eight and a half thousand people we have with computers.  Over half of them now have laptops, or some other portable device, yet still conduct the majority of their work in front of a screen at a desk that they could claim to be their own.

Of the total something like twenty per cent of us work in a more agile way yet again predominantly in front of a screen.  Indeed, I am writing this on a laptop sitting at a desk in an open office.

What is happening though is that there is a new group of people emerging, a small yet influential group, who are spending more and more of their time away from a traditional environment and away from keyboard driven devices.  They are spending most of their time either on a tablet or a smartphone.

What I have failed to see is that our environment is not best suited to this way of working and I hope that I am not too late in making amends.  It is all so obvious in hindsight.

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