Reflections on Ada Lovelace day

Ideas for my blog are like busses.  You wait for ages and then they all come along at once.  So it was yesterday when I wrote about the event in the Toffee House when I could and perhaps should have written about Ada Lovelace Day instead. Getting more young people into the tech industry and … Continue reading Reflections on Ada Lovelace day

Talking the tech industry up

I had the pleasure of attending the #NewcastleGateshead Digital Sector Mapping event at the Toffee Factory this morning.  I had never been there before.  The event was to launch a report on the tech scene in the region.  I’d contributed to the report, in part by pointing out that the North East is more than … Continue reading Talking the tech industry up

Office for Data Analytics

A significant group met at Sunderland Software City last week to move on the proposal for an Office for Data Analytics.  I say significant but I can’t tell you how many there were.  Perhaps there were twenty five or thirty.  There was a photo taken if you need to count them.  A smaller group of … Continue reading Office for Data Analytics

Consumer Priorities

This week it is Customer Service Week, an opportunity to celebrate all that is customer related.  Yes, I know that every week should be the week that we focus on our customers.  They are of course the life blood of any organisation yet this week is like their birthday, we are going to mark each … Continue reading Consumer Priorities

Stormy times

Do all projects go through the same phases?  I think it was Bruce Tuckman way back in the mid-sixties that suggested that all teams had to go through a number of phase in order to grow.  We know them well as storming, forming, norming and performing.  It would seem he is proved right time and … Continue reading Stormy times

Unfolding plans 179 – A break down

I got the call that I had been dreading this morning.  One of my daughters had broken down on the A1 at one of the busiest times of the day.   She was all right.  The car was off the road and she was safe. The police had been informed, the roadside assistance was on its … Continue reading Unfolding plans 179 – A break down