Building momentum

Building a consensus is hard work, building momentum is even harder. I have been developing a couple of ideas around the Dynamo cyber cluster, CyberNorth, for a few months now. I am sure I have mentioned them before. The first is to create an incubator for cyber startups in the region under the working title … Continue reading Building momentum

Mega board revisited

Yesterday we had our first performance meeting under the new management arrangements.  Bringing the management and leadership teams together every fortnight hadn’t delivered what we, or at least I had hoped for.   The meetings had lacked focus and purpose and so it was time to try something new.  We need to keep trying until we … Continue reading Mega board revisited

Stormy times

Do all projects go through the same phases?  I think it was Bruce Tuckman way back in the mid-sixties that suggested that all teams had to go through a number of phase in order to grow.  We know them well as storming, forming, norming and performing.  It would seem he is proved right time and … Continue reading Stormy times