Milestone passed


There is something quite romantic about coming home on the train when it is dark and late. It is still early evening as I write this but we have passed the half way mark and the nights are drawing in. There is still the faint smudge of light in the sky to the west as I stare out of the carriage window.

There are not many of us going all the way to Edinburgh this evening.  The carriage is quite empty and I sit back and reflect upon the day.  All those things that have happened spring to mind, the little successes and triumphs.

You see today, in a way has been a great day. I have passed a major milestone, something that I have been working towards for a while now.  I had set myself the challenge of working in every office in County Hall.

My achievement is that I have now managed to work in every single office on the ground floor.  I am not including the cupboards or the ancillary spaces, only the working spaces.  That would be silly, though I must confess to looking at my smartphone in many inappropriate or unsuitable places.

They said it couldn’t be done yet I can proudly cut a notch in my belt.  They also said why are you doing it but that is another story.  I am doing it because it is there.

I am quite chuffed.

The last office I had to conquer was next to Paul’s and the auditors.  I knocked on the door and went in.  Breaking the ice is the hardest part and so I said who I was and that this was the last office on this floor that I had never worked in.  They were such nice people and we had a chat about what they did and what I was up to.

I went in and told Paul.  I just couldn’t contain myself and wanted to share the pleasure I was feeling.  He showed me the small breakout area that had been set aside.  He is a good ally.

It is days like to today that make it all worthwhile.

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