Stop blogging so much

I think I’m going to have to stop blogging so much.  It is something I really enjoy doing yet it is a big commitment, thinking of something to write, remembering to publish and all that, especially since I am supposed to be part time.  I’ve been blogging every work day for nearly four years now. … Continue reading Stop blogging so much

It’s all gone crazy

It's all gone crazy.  There used to be a time when I could decide to get involved in this and that, go to this meeting and that meeting but not anymore.  Now it is more a question of having to go to this meeting or that meeting or even that meeting.  I am being stretched … Continue reading It’s all gone crazy

Apprentice Levy

There is still a lot of confusion over the government’s plans to introduce an apprenticeships levy.  At least in my mind there is and it would seem that I am not alone.  When I raised it with my colleagues on the NECIT group none of them had heard about it yet it is going to … Continue reading Apprentice Levy