Bring back my blog

At the last round of presentations, I was asked a question.  ‘What has happened to my blog?  Not this blog but rather the one I used to do religiously every Friday at work.  I had it down as one of my weekly tasks.  It was only a small piece describing what I was up to the following week and didn’t really take me that much time to write but what with this blog and my daily Dutch, I was feeling up against it.

In truth I didn’t believe anyone would notice that I’d stopped.  I was never convinced that anyone read it anyway but I clearly can be wrong.  Don’t tell anyone.

I started it to try and get some content into our intranet site and encourage people to at least go there on a regular basis.  In this way the site would become a natural portal, our town square where we could congregate.

I also wanted it to be part of my drive to have an open service.  We are working on a programme called Open ICT where we publish everything that we can.  My diary is already open for all to see yet it was a way to let everyone know that there is nothing, or at least very little, to be hidden.

The people want me back.  The public has spoken and who am I to let them down.  So from next week I am going to start it up again.  This time though, instead of running through everything I am doing I think it will be better to concentrate on one or two big events that are happening in the following seven days.  A little less wide and a little more deep.  I should be able to get a few hundred words out of that.

I wonder if anyone will notice that I am back.

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