Phil loves books

dog loves books
Image thanks to the BBC

One of the pleasures of having a granddaughter is having to sit and watch CBeebies with her. It’s not that we encourage too much television watching but rather I don’t have the energy to entertain her for a whole day. We have fallen into a routine of an hour in the morning before we go out. Around nine o’clock there are a few programmes that keep her attention such as Justin’s House, Ra Ra, Kiri and Lou, the Twirlywoos and of course Mr Tumble. If you have young children then no doubt these will mean something to you.

At times though I have found myself watching intently, getting carried away with the story line and laughing at the jokes while my granddaughter has given up and started playing with some other toy. I wonder who is enjoying the shows more as I catch myself singing the theme tunes or using the catchphrases in general conversation. 

In truth though these programmes are very well made. The stories are simple yet stick in the mind. The characters are easily recognisable and echo people we know. The format is very formulaic, they are bright and short, yet resonate with us. After all, there is nothing more human than a story. 

We could all learn a lot from studying their form when presenting or trying to get our message across.

I am an avid book reader and one programme I haven’t mentioned is Dog Loves Books. Dog and his friend Pug work in a bookshop and in each episode they get lost in an exciting story that they find in one of the books. At the end Pug always says ‘that Dog is my new favourite book.’

I’m just the same. Quite often the latest book I am reading is my favourite. I am currently working my way through ‘1Q84’ by Haruki Murakami and would highly recommend it. Each time I put it down, Pug’s words ring in my head. It is my new favourite book.

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