Smart Stanley Website Lunch

The rise of digital services and online trading is often seen as a threat to the high street as trade is drawn away from traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ outlets to online shops.

Digital services however offer much more than online trading, such as the ability to provide information, promote business and visitor attractions as well as market locations.

A group of interested people supported by Stanley Area Action Partnership has been working on a number of initiatives to use technology to make a difference to the town and the surrounding area.

For example, we’re working on an event, using digital technologies to improve public engagement as part of participatory budgeting and a proposal to provide WiFi in Front Street.  I’ve covered these already in prvious blogs but look out for them.

Today though it is my pleasure to announce the launch of the Smart Stanley web site.

Developed in conjunction with the people of Stanley and its surroundings it gives lots of useful information about shops, businesses, the market, news, events and useful links.  The web site has been paid for by the Stanley AAP and is free to businesses for the next three years.

Daniel and Wendy have done a fantastic job in getting so many of the shops on line and I would encourage you all to do what you can to get everyone on there and provide as much information as is possible.  The site is a great way of promoting the best of what we have.

We’ve also created some stickers to put in the windows of the businesses that appear on the site.

We made the announcement just before this month’s Area Action Partnership meeting and for me it was a proud moment.

I would like to declare the Smart Stanley web site live.

We are now all in Smart Stanley.

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