Unfolding plans 127 – change management

I’ve got myself a new gig.  Mike from Sogno said that I should get involved with the Change Management Institute and put me onto Craig who organises things locally.  We met up and he’s signed me up for one night only.  It is going to be on the fifth of October at a venue to be arranged.  That’s something for me (and perhaps you) to look forward to.

As it turns out Craig knows Darin and Pete from OnBrand Partners.  We’ve done quite a lot of work with then over the years but you knew that already.  It is such a small world.

The Change Management Institute is a new one on me.  I’d never come across it before until Mike mentioned it.  It kind of does what it says on the tin and is set up to provide recognition for those people who work in the change management field.  As we’ve seen there are a few of us about.

I’m including myself though my work is not formally as a change manager.  But look, I work in ICT and that is all change.  I work in local government which has been through enormous change over the last five years.  It still has many years to go.  My focus has been on change for most of my career.  I am in the business of managing, or leading or creating change.  I am a change manager.

I think I can justify to myself that I should turn up at one of their events.  I hope the audience sees it that way as well.

It is something new.  I like doing new things.  I see them as a way of developing by learning as I put forward my ideas.  People will agree or disagree.  They may challenge my thoughts and suggest alternative ways of thinking about the issues I have been grappling with.  I may come across the very person who can provide the key that unlocks all of the opportunities to change that lie ahead of me. Let’s see.

So who or what is the Change Management Institute?  According to their web site the CMI is a global, independent, not-for-profit organisation set up to promote and develop the profession of change management internationally.  Set up in 2004 it aims to work with business, academia and change professionals to provide governance, quality control or consistency around change management standards and resources.

So far so good.  I’m going to talk about Guerrilla Working.  What else?  I need to think about the angle that I am going to take but I already have a few ideas.  Perhaps it could be an amalgam of the presentations that I have done over the last couple of months.  Let’s face it I should have enough material and I have a month to come up with the goods.

Craig has sent me some templates to fill in to get the promotional information onto their web site.  I need to get them sorted and crack on.  Don’t forget the date for your diary.

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