This is the well we drink from


Now don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning either of the activities that I am going to talk about in this blog but rather want to use them to highlight how funny people are.  We are fickle and apply different rules depending upon the situation.  We then go on to justify how right we are to do so.

This morning there was an article on the television news about ticket touts and how the software they use to buy tickets as soon as they are released is driving up prices for concerts.  Genuine fans are having to pay through the nose to get to see the acts they love so well.  What apparently happens is that bots are used which can process hundreds of tickets before a human can get round to it.  These are then presented on alternative ticket sites at an inflated price.

It is terrible, or is it?  Is this not the epitome of the capitalist system that we love?  It is classic supply and demand.  Where demand is high and outstrips supply then the price will go up.  This is the way of the world which we fight to defend.  People with capital can risk it on the market.  Sometimes they win and they sell their tickets but sometime they lose and they are left with a bunch of empty seats.  It is not called capitalism for nothing.

So who is it harming?  The promoter gets their fee as tickets are bought at face value.  The artist gets their fee as tickets are sold.  The people who are prepared to pay get to see the show.  The only people who suffer are those who would like to go but can’t afford it.

The supply of illegal drugs follows a similar if more underground approach but I’ll not go there.

What amuses me, and confuses me, is how we react differently to basically the same set of principles but applied to different circumstances.  Ticket touts aren’t fair but who said capitalism was ever fair?  All systems have their excesses and there are many other markets which are equally unfair and capital driven.

Capitalism is the well that we choose to drink from.

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