Stem the flow of plastic

Another blood donor session, another pint and another tale to tell. This is my fortieth, pint that is rather than story. I usually get excited about the changes that the NHS Blood and Transplant Service introduce. There seems to be something different every time I go, yet this time this was not the case. After … Continue reading Stem the flow of plastic

Bayeux tapestry

What we do at work is more complicated than we think. This is mostly because we don’t think about it. The only time we contemplate the tasks ahead of us is when we start a new job, or when we come to review what we do. Both of these can be quite daunting. My involvement … Continue reading Bayeux tapestry

Continuous blood

‘We are sorry’ said the text ‘but your session is running late.’ Great I thought as I was already parked up and walking into Morpeth Rugby Club to give blood. ‘Please allow 30 minutes extra for your donation today. Could you please still arrive at your appointment time’ the text continued helpfully. This was the … Continue reading Continuous blood

Less blood

Every so often I give blood.  It makes me feel like I am playing my part.  I have blogged about it several times as each time I go there is always some change.  They are undertaking a gradual redesign of the their process flow.  It is all Virginia Mason and the Toyota Production Model.  There … Continue reading Less blood

Unfolding plans 171 – Document management

So, one of the best things about going down to the Local Government Forum in Manchester earlier this week was the drive there and back.  I know it was awful.  I said so in my blog.  We got stuck in bad traffic both on the way down as well as the drive home yet it … Continue reading Unfolding plans 171 – Document management

Unfolding plans 151 – Employee engagement and culture

This week is flying by.  It’s day four of National customer Service Week already.  I’m still wearing my Institute of Customer Service badge (with pride) even though I’ve changed jackets since yesterday.  Today’s theme is employee engagement and culture which is perfect as we’re having our second day of our Lean Start-Up training.  The group … Continue reading Unfolding plans 151 – Employee engagement and culture

Unfolding plans 81 – filling a presentation

How many words do I need to fill a presentation?  I’ve never really thought about it before now.  Normally I would get up to do a presentation and just get on with it.  I know I speak too quickly though.  I have been told before.  It’s a nervous thing.  It’s as if I want to … Continue reading Unfolding plans 81 – filling a presentation

Unfolding plans 13 – I’m railing against the machine

I’m ranting again.  I’m railing against the machine.  I’m banging on and on about those issues that keep tripping us up, the rocks in the stream that disrupt our flow, the sand in our shoe which causes us to limp and the pea under the mattress that gives us a restless night’s sleep. We had … Continue reading Unfolding plans 13 – I’m railing against the machine

A year of work in progress – day 223

Day 223 – 24 December 2014 So here it is, the last working day of my year and so the last day of this blog. I managed to get there without missing a post and without running out of things to say. Sometimes the words tripped off the ends of my fingers and there were … Continue reading A year of work in progress – day 223