A year of work in progress – day 223

Day 223 – 24 December 2014

So here it is, the last working day of my year and so the last day of this blog. I managed to get there without missing a post and without running out of things to say. Sometimes the words tripped off the ends of my fingers and there were other times when it was a little more trying. I’m sure the reader could tell. I have arrived and perhaps to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.

It has been a busy year and the next one is not looking to be any different. Ninety four per cent of my diary space in January is filled up already and so any resolution to try and take things easier is broken before I get started.

It’s also been an interesting year. The first thing that I set out to achieve this year was to ‘Enjoy every day at work.’ I’ve had days that were fantastic and days that were utterly miserable. Thankfully the latter were few and far between. If you are interested my average enjoyment rating was 8.14 and so I can well and truly say that I have nailed this one.

Relative enjoyment mind you is a fatuous concept. Something can happen during the day that can ruin an otherwise enjoyable one. A small cloud can appear in a perfect blue sky. On the other hand everything can be well with the world yet for one reason or another enjoyment escapes you. You can get enjoyment out of the smallest things while big things collapse around you and I must admit to the occasional schadenfreude, the mild pleasure at the misfortunes of others.

My main point though was to try and use the time I had at work to maximum effect in whatever way I was to define that, by expanding my experiences, moving the business forward and focussing my effort on some key issues. Enjoyment should be a product of a successful outcome. My aunt would have described such values as a puritan work ethic yet I, like everyone, am a product of my history. I enjoy what I do, therefore I am.

Of the ten things I set out to achieve I have managed to make good (and satisfying) progress on seven (book; collaboration; big data; agile; out of hours; tier 4; enjoy) and so-so progress on the remaining three (Dutch; demand; optimisation). Even with the so-so ones however I have made some movement. In my job there is very little that I ever start and finish. I start many things that others complete and occasionally it works the other way round. My role is really to enthuse others and to create the environment in which they can deliver.

Aye, ‘twas a good year. I wonder what the next one will bring.

Learning points for today: Nostradamus’ first name was Michael; we only have one planning system now (the last of the LGR work); today was not the best day to get a thirty three page report; Fenwick make an excellent ham and egg pie (but I knew that anyway) and; even at the year-end there is still not enough time to finish everything off.

Today’s enjoyment rating – it’s a fatuous concept anyway.

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