Unfolding plans 1

I’ve thought long and hard about whether or not to keep my blog going. Writing every day has been an interesting discipline. At times it has been a chore but thankfully not often. Most of the time it has been an opportunity to unload my thoughts onto the screen, defragmenting the chaos of the day in to a manageable and comprehensible order.

Obviously I’ve made the decision to continue but not as a sequel to last year’s. I want to try something different yet similar. I want something that unfolds throughout the year but that is less of a diary and more of a wandering through the vague plans that I have made, hence the name. I may not write every day, let’s see.

I’ve set myself less things to do this year than last, yet more. Depending upon which way you look at it I have either eight things to do or thirteen. I still have those left over from last year to finish as well. You see the sixth thing that I have planned is to attempt six things that I have never done before and this is where I will start.

In my time I have played many parts: a husband; a father; a fool; a manager; a sneak; a confident; a leader? I could go on. All the world is a stage and yet I am merely a player. Some parts I am quite good at. Others I have a lot to learn. Some roles I can understand, I can deliver my lines with conviction and without rehearsal yet there are those parts for which my character is most unsuitable.

I fear that there are times when I am playing the wrong part. I use comedy when it is tragedy that is called for, good cheer rather than pathos. I seek the limelight when in this scene I am just an extra. I fluff my lines, don’t practice enough and miss my cue. Perhaps there are times when what is expected of me is not who I am, to show courage when I am afraid, to be hard when I have a heart and to show clarity when I am in turmoil.

I need to learn how to act.

I’ve known Mike for some time now. We first meet at North Tyneside and we regularly bump into each other at Thinking Digital. He is a Leadership Coach at Sogno. Among the many things that his company does is to use role-based learning to improve working cultures. We’ve talked a few times about getting him involved in what we do but this time I am thinking of my own development.

Personal development is something we overlook. We tend to put ourselves last on our list. We tend to focus on the technical skills we need rather than those that are most important. Man is a hunter gatherer. Learning to communicate, to encourage, to share, to lead and to follow are all vital skills that have meant our survival. So Mike and I met up today.

I have a dream and that is to work with Mike to help me to play the right part. I’m going to learn how to project myself.

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