There is nothing more important than culture

I have had a good run on my blog recently.  I don’t know why.  I just try to do my thing. May this year is already as good as last year in terms of numbers of reads but I mustn’t let these things get to me.  I write for the pleasure and not necessarily to … Continue reading There is nothing more important than culture

Far from Home Counties

I can’t remember the last time I ever was in Gerrards Cross.  To be honest I am not sure I have ever been there but I used to live in Oxford which is not more than a stone’s throw away and so I would be surprised if I hadn’t.  Anyway, it didn’t ring a bell … Continue reading Far from Home Counties

Complexity in the real world

The Bee book by Craig Smith and Paul Rigby has got me thinking.  It is an allegorical tale of a hive of bees that is faced with a catastrophic change in their environment.  The hive needs to take decisive action if it is to survive.  It as a clear metaphor for the way that organisations … Continue reading Complexity in the real world

Elephants again

It was time to think about those elephants again, you know the ones in the room. Those hulking great issues that everyone knows about yet nobody wants to talk about. We’ve had a few sessions with dawn to try and flush them out. Can you flush out an elephant? Perish the thought. Was this session … Continue reading Elephants again

Fresh perspectives

I read that Taiichi Ohno would draw a circle on the floor and make his new disciples stand in it and observe how things really worked.  He would make them stay there until they had a strong understanding of the business. I think it was in the book ‘The Machine that Changed the World’ in … Continue reading Fresh perspectives

Inspiring value trees

Another day, another value tree workshop.  OK, it’s only the second one that I have ever been to yet it seems that I am spending more and more of my time thinking about our Inspire programme and looking at modern ways of working and culture change. I’ve blogged about the value tree approach before and … Continue reading Inspiring value trees


So many time have I heard it said that things don’t get done round here because there are no consequences.  Nothing happens if nothing happens. Now I have always taken the word consequences to be mildly threatening.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t get round it to as you will never be taken to task.  … Continue reading Consequences