Unfolding plans 153 – men or women

The presentations at the Women in IT event that SOCITM launched were great.  There were lots of similar stories that reminded the audience, if it needed to be reminded, that the job of getting true diversity in the IT industry is far from over.  I covered most of what went on in a previous blog … Continue reading Unfolding plans 153 – men or women

Unfolding plans 151 – Employee engagement and culture

This week is flying by.  It’s day four of National customer Service Week already.  I’m still wearing my Institute of Customer Service badge (with pride) even though I’ve changed jackets since yesterday.  Today’s theme is employee engagement and culture which is perfect as we’re having our second day of our Lean Start-Up training.  The group … Continue reading Unfolding plans 151 – Employee engagement and culture

Unfolding plans 150 – Wear your badge

Day three of National Customer Service Week.  I’m cheating a bit today as I’m not involved in any specific event to celebrate the week and so I’m going to  talk about what I got up to yesterday afternoon.  Having said that, focussing on customers should be and is a constant activity.  Peter told me that … Continue reading Unfolding plans 150 – Wear your badge

Unfolding plans 149 – Customer complaints

Day two of National Customer Service week and the festivities are well underway.  Today’s themes are Customer Complaints and MOT.  I think the MOT idea was one of our own where a small team of people descend upon a part of the wider organisation to help solve issues and identify learning opportunities.  I know it’s … Continue reading Unfolding plans 149 – Customer complaints

Unfolding plans 147 – What have you planned for National Customer Service Week?

I covered this in Unfolding plans 106, some seventy five days ago, and here it is.  The first week in October has arrived already, the time we set aside to recognise and celebrate our customers.  Time is really flying.  National Customer Service Week has come around again.  It doesn’t seem like five minutes since the … Continue reading Unfolding plans 147 – What have you planned for National Customer Service Week?

Unfolding plans 146 – Simplicity

Life is complicated.  The more I think about it the more complicated it becomes.  It seems as if complexity is an inherent part of the way the world works.  It’s that second law of thermodynamics again. It states that (forgive me for I paraphrase) ‘In any closed system the amount of usable energy is always … Continue reading Unfolding plans 146 – Simplicity

Unfolding plans 145 – Video kills

Video was never my medium.  It just doesn’t work for me.  I fluff my lines and get all tongue tied.  I’m more nervous on video than with any other format.  I don’t know why, perhaps it is the permanence of it all.  I think I get hung up on how I’m coming across rather than … Continue reading Unfolding plans 145 – Video kills