Unfolding plans 149 – Customer complaints

Day two of National Customer Service week and the festivities are well underway.  Today’s themes are Customer Complaints and MOT.  I think the MOT idea was one of our own where a small team of people descend upon a part of the wider organisation to help solve issues and identify learning opportunities.  I know it’s … Continue reading Unfolding plans 149 – Customer complaints

Unfolding plans 146 – Simplicity

Life is complicated.  The more I think about it the more complicated it becomes.  It seems as if complexity is an inherent part of the way the world works.  It’s that second law of thermodynamics again. It states that (forgive me for I paraphrase) ‘In any closed system the amount of usable energy is always … Continue reading Unfolding plans 146 – Simplicity

Unfolding plans 143 – Leading the way in Open Data

I’ve been at another conference.  This time it was presented by the Federation of Small Businesses in conjunction with Dynamo and Sunderland Software City.  It was titled ‘North East Leading The Way In Open Data’ and I was asked to speak.  You know that amongst my interests is helping to develop the region so that … Continue reading Unfolding plans 143 – Leading the way in Open Data

Unfolding plans 142 – Women in IT

You know that this is one of the areas that I am interested in.  It’s not just me though.  SOCITM has launched it as one of their key themes, getting more women into Information and communication technology. Last Wednesday marked the launch of their (its?) ‘Women in IT’ initiative held in Central London.  The event … Continue reading Unfolding plans 142 – Women in IT

Unfolding plans 140 – be mindful of others

A couple of days ago I was telling you about Lee and his stories.  His tale of children and coasts tugged on a few strings.  It brought back memories of childhood, happiness, helplessness and an innocence lost.  It gets me every time I hear it (and I’ve heard it a few times now!). He has … Continue reading Unfolding plans 140 – be mindful of others

Unfolding plans 139 – we need fewer rules

First break all the rules.  That is what the book said.  If this is a rule then should we break it?  First stick to all the rules? It’s all a bit confusing.  There are too many rules, too many regulations.  I can’t be expected to know them all yet every time we are faced with … Continue reading Unfolding plans 139 – we need fewer rules

Unfolding plans 137 – ten thousand steps

Even the longest journey starts with a single step.  The journey to health though starts with then thousand, apparently. I found out the other day that the phone that I have been carrying around with me has a step counter included.  It is a Windows phone and the application is called MSN Health and Fitness.  … Continue reading Unfolding plans 137 – ten thousand steps

Unfolding plans 134 – Sonic coats

Lee told some great stories today.  It was at our latest round of presentations.  It was his turn to get involved.  I try to spread the love around.  The theme for this time was trust and no doubt I’ll come back to this in a later blog.  Lee went on to talk about how we … Continue reading Unfolding plans 134 – Sonic coats

Unfolding plans 126 – play like amateurs

It must have been one of the most humiliating sporting events ever.  It was the semi-finals of the 2014 Football World Cup and the host country Brazil were playing Germany for a place, obviously, in the final of the world’s most prestigious sporting competition.  In case you can’t remember the result was not a defeat … Continue reading Unfolding plans 126 – play like amateurs

Unfolding plans 113 – happy workation

Wow, that was some workation.  For the month of July I’ve been trying something different.  While I was out and about I stopped and bought a postcard that showed the beautiful or unusual places that I happened to have visited.  Every work day I sent one to my youngest daughter as she was in the … Continue reading Unfolding plans 113 – happy workation