Nebulous Contracts

Cloud computing has been changing the shape of IT provision for several years now. If you include private cloud then you could argue it has been for decades. It has broken the link between the ownership of computing infrastructure and its use for many yet its economic argument is still to be proven. As with … Continue reading Nebulous Contracts

Unfolding plans 164 – challenging assumptions

The Lean Start-up training is paying dividends already.  No, I haven’t invented some new product that is going to cure world poverty or even make me a small fortune yet I have been able to apply some of the principles that I have learnt, especially around the use of assumptions.  I have come to realise … Continue reading Unfolding plans 164 – challenging assumptions

Unfolding plans 158 – three great speakers

We’ve held the last Society of ICT Managers (SOCITM) meeting for the year.  It was a bit touch and go at times getting the speakers and the running order sorted but in the end Graham, as always pulled it off. What could have been a bit of a pup turned out to be another interesting … Continue reading Unfolding plans 158 – three great speakers

A year of work in progress – day 167

Day 167 – 3 October 2014 Have you seen the movie Parenthood? There’s a scene where Gil and Karen Buckman, played by Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen, are talking about the way their lives are and Gil says how he hates messy. Just then Grandma comes in and says: “You know, when I was young, … Continue reading A year of work in progress – day 167

A year of work in progress – day 139

Day 139 – 19 August 2014 The back of my neck and shoulders were stiff this morning. A plasterer once told me how it took several days for the muscles in his arms to get used to the work again after his holidays. That was a long time ago and it’s funny how you remember … Continue reading A year of work in progress – day 139