Technology direction statement

The ICT strategy is always a difficult document to write.  Getting the balance between the strategic, which it is supposed to be, and the tactical, which is what people want to see is a challenge.  I am not sure if I have got this balance right.  In fact I am sure.  Over the last seven … Continue reading Technology direction statement

Social Care

I had a great morning in the One Point Service at Bishop Auckland. The weather was awful and it didn’t help that I had put the wrong postcode into my satnav but other than that it was time very well spent. The One Point Service brings council staff together with the NHS and provides a … Continue reading Social Care

Smart cities

I know smart cities have been around for a long time. They may be considered a bit passé even yet things are different up here in Durham. Yes, Durham is a city but a very small one in comparison. The population accounts for less than ten per cent of the people who live in the … Continue reading Smart cities

A boom and bust kitchen

We’ve had the benches replaced in our kitchen.  The old ones were looking a little tired and didn’t quite fit in with a more modern colour scheme.  Bench tops are a first world problem. It doesn’t sound like a big job yet we ended up having to move a fair bit of stuff.  It wasn’t … Continue reading A boom and bust kitchen

Big commerce, big government

There are some great things going on across the North East region these days, especially in tech.  If you have been reading this blog or following my Tweets over the last fortnight or so you will know that I seem to have been at an endless stream of conferences and trade shows.  It’s funny how … Continue reading Big commerce, big government

Video prejudice

Do you like video conferencing?  I’m not sure that I do.  I’ve used it a few times but have always felt that a simple telephone call is good enough.  It is not clear to me what the picture of someone’s face adds, especially if the movement is slightly out of sync.  They can end up … Continue reading Video prejudice

Unfolding plans 189 – Scrum down

It looks like I’m going to get to use scrum.  We’re going agile with our project methodology.  Goodbye PRINCE2, farewell Managing Successful Programmes and hello modernity.  Well, not quite but at least it’s a start. Project management is a bit like Enterprise Resource Planning systems.  They work very well in certain environments but don’t necessarily … Continue reading Unfolding plans 189 – Scrum down