A year of work in progress – day 179

Day 179 – 21 October 2014

Today had touches of yesterday. There was another conversation about application mapping in the morning and more big data in the afternoon. There were differences though. There was no trip to Seaham for one. Instead it was the slow road though the Team Valley. The traffic seems to be getting worse through the road-works and there is still two years of upheaval to go. The tail-end of hurricane Gonzo had strewn the road down into County Hall with leaves. It was very pretty but slippery. Perhaps they were the wrong kind of leaves.

The first meeting this morning was the Customer Focus Board. I’d thought long and hard about the application mapping overnight and come up with a plan. Rather than go through it again, in all of its mind-blowing complexity, I thought it best just to let them know what I was going to do, especially as four of the team where at yesterday’s meeting. So this is my plan, get Brain, Neil and me in a room and come up with an Aunt Sally. Take this round the service groupings’ senior management teams. Everyone liked the plan.

Vanessa was the next in my long line of Tier 4 managers. Her role is the Corporate News Manager which she described as making decisions about what to respond to in the media (increasingly social) and meeting with senior managers daily to manage the communications strategy. We talked about the recent web site changes, how the press is very active at present and how she would like to see much greater use of multi-media. It was a great insight into the random (I mean that as a compliment) nature of her role. I also picked up a couple of opportunities to work together better.

Lunch time was the extended management team. We had an update from the National Counter Terrorism Policing Team which was enough to put the wind up anyone. We’ve won a gilt award from Britain in Bloom and our Dynamites got a mention.

After this Steve and I had our fifth Big Data presentation. Any notion of this being an easy task has long flown out of the window. The organisation that came to speak to us brought a very different perspective, as they all have, which was highly focussed on their understanding of the public sector market. Poor Steve has had to listen to my same stories five times now and we are only half way through. In the end this is going to come down to feelings, perceptions and values. It will be a so-called value judgement.

In the evening I went to the Dynamo board.

Learning points for today: Lojban is a constructed, syntactically unambiguous human language based on predicate logic; a different taste in jokes is a great strain on the affections according to George Eliot; subliminal hashtags are just not fair; glassnography is not a proper word (they’re making it up now) and; this is going to be a very hard decision.

Today’s enjoyment rating 9/10 – what a difference a bad night’s sleep can make.

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