A year of work in progress – day 178

Day 178 – 20 October 2014

The tunnel saved me from the long journey to Durham. I should use it more often but I was starting at Seaham and I don’t go there every day. The cost puts me off as well. I never understand why we don’t have to pay to go over the river but do have to pay to go under it. Still, when I am next crawling through the Team Valley I’m sure the £1.60 each way will feel like good value.

The weekend was good. I’d been to the theatre, to see a very funny adaptation of a Jeeves and Worcester story, Andy Murray won in Vienna and Newcastle had their first win in the league this season. It’s probably best if I leave the football at that.

I’d gone over to Spectrum to meet with a local company based in Sunderland Software City. It’s always good to meet up with ICT companies in the region. It is in all of our interests that we support a thriving technical community where we can. We talked about how technology can be used to draw people into town centres. The shopping centres in Durham were mentioned, along with the Gala Theatre (isn’t it always) as well as Stanley. It was all very interesting and we agreed to meet up with the wider team in a short while.

I should have left the subject of football well alone.

After that I made my way back to County Hall for the Strategic ICT Group meeting. It was quite a packed agenda and there were a couple of things that I wanted to get my teeth into. I’m never sure if I look forward to this meeting or not but it is vital that we have a place where we can talk about where we are going and how we are going to make it. I wanted to cover the application mapping and project management. At times the conversation was robust, which is good but it opened more doors than it shut. I need to get to speak to the service groups’ management teams to see where we are getting stuck. Pam is going to arrange.

After lunch (not that I got any) Steve and I had two more session following the soft-market exercise on Big Data. We saw two big organisations which brought two completely different perspectives to the opportunity. We can see what is going to happen. By the time we get to the end of the process we are going to have a ten faceted puzzle to resolve. We’ll end up with a decahedron of possibilities. We were both blown away and left speechless.

Learning points for today: People want white teeth not toothpaste; BOPD (bring other people’s devices) is not the same as BYOD; much of our data mass is dark; analytics is a continuum; sentiment analysis is creeping into the vernacular and: geospatial grabbing is going to be next year’s big thing

Today’s enjoyment rating 7/10 – some good, some not so and some very frustrating bits.

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