A year of work in progress – day 180

Day 180 – 22 October 2014

We had only got half way through the agenda before I had to leave last night’s Dynamo board. It was a shame because there were some things that I wanted to cover. We’d overrun because there were too many interesting things on the agenda. It is a young organisation and there is so much to do.

We started with an understanding of how another business development organisation had grown. They were clear that they were not a trade organisation. There were many parallels between what they have achieved and our own aims, especially around identifying opportunities in the business sectors in which they operate, working with members to gain market share and managing their finance. There was a whole meeting in just this.

I dropped a note to Justin about the things that I had missed.

Apparently the political conference season has finished. It seems that the ICT conference season has just begun however. Every day I am bombarded with offers to go to this or that. We got our own in early. The internal one was a couple of weeks ago and today it was the turn for the external customers. We moved it form EDC to Belmont to ensure try and get a better flow of delegates round the stalls and that seemed to have worked.

I opened up with a discussion about the role of ICT in the future economy of the North East, how there are more and more jobs and less and less people to fill them in our industry. I’d picked up a useful statistic from Bob last night which said that only 4% of fifteen year olds wanted to work in engineering and ICT. This is something we need to change and the audience are the people who are best placed to deliver this change. After all we are all parents, children, siblings, friends, influencers, teachers, employers and colleagues. Of course I mentioned Dynamo and our Dynamites award.

After me it was a great pleasure to introduce James from Newcastle University. We had expected Sugata Mitra to talk to us about the school in the cloud programme. If you don’t know about it have a search for his TED talk. Unfortunately Sugata needed to go to hospital and so James stepped in to talk about the programme and self-organised learning environments. I’ve heard the presentation a couple of times now and each time the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. James did a great job and I still need to write a paper for him on applying this to the work environment.

It was great to spend the morning talking to some nice people, playing with some cool stuff and listening to a fantastic presentation.

After lunch, Darran from OnBrand gave us a workshop on time management before I headed off to Resources Management Team. Thanks to everyone involved.

Learning points for today: You need to feel it in three places, your head, your heart and your belly; excitement exists when we bring new things together (think cheese and jam sandwiches); everyone likes Lego; we need to bring supply and demand together to have a Code Club in every school and; those that worry are the ones that shouldn’t.

Today’s enjoyment rating 10/10 – The future is self-organising.

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