There’s nothing more beautiful than having a book

I came across this story a few days ago.  It is not new but it is inspiring. It is about a refuse collector from Bogota in Columbia who has been saving books that have been discarded and offering them to people in the less affluent areas of the city.  It is a modern Robin Hood … Continue reading There’s nothing more beautiful than having a book

Stop blogging so much

I think I’m going to have to stop blogging so much.  It is something I really enjoy doing yet it is a big commitment, thinking of something to write, remembering to publish and all that, especially since I am supposed to be part time.  I’ve been blogging every work day for nearly four years now. … Continue reading Stop blogging so much

Too difficult – then do something

I am such a magpie.  Whenever I pick up a new book it gets me thinking about a new subject.  It doesn’t matter whether it is fiction or not.  They all count.  My latest pick up is a recommendation from a friend.  I’m only a few pages into ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman … Continue reading Too difficult – then do something

A visit to the Archive

During all of the seven years that I've wandered the corridors of County Hall I have never visited the County Records Office.  I'm not really sure why.  Perhaps it is because it is somewhere the public go rather than being just an office, or maybe I just have not found an excuse.   As if I … Continue reading A visit to the Archive

A glowing ego

I am enjoying mentoring, or is it coaching?  No matter how many times I have been told what the difference is it never seems to stick.  Either way, I am doing it as part of the Executive Women in ICT course we have helped put on.  It is going well.  I enjoy being a mentor.  … Continue reading A glowing ego

Complexity in the real world

The Bee book by Craig Smith and Paul Rigby has got me thinking.  It is an allegorical tale of a hive of bees that is faced with a catastrophic change in their environment.  The hive needs to take decisive action if it is to survive.  It as a clear metaphor for the way that organisations … Continue reading Complexity in the real world

Effect on performance

A trip down to Manchester seemed like a pleasant day out.  I was asked to go down and speak at the North West regional meeting of Socitm.  The invitation had come about when Paul and I had met at the Local CIO Council and he was one of the people who had seen my book.  … Continue reading Effect on performance

Guerrilla Workers unite

‘You’re not the only Guerrilla Worker you know’ Ian said to me.  I must admit I was a little taken aback by his tone.  It was as if he was accusing me of claiming to be something that I wasn’t.  When I stopped and thought about it however I felt better.  Perhaps I am not … Continue reading Guerrilla Workers unite

Unfolding plans 195 – let them get on with their jobs.

I finished ‘Maverick’ by Ricardo Semler a week or so back.  Mike had lent me the book some time ago and it had been sitting on my shelf waiting to be read.  There was something about the cover that made me leave it.  Perhaps it was waiting for the right time. Any book though that … Continue reading Unfolding plans 195 – let them get on with their jobs.