A year of work in progress – day 208

Day 208 – 3 December 2014

It may be winter outside but in my heart it’s spring. There was a sharp frost when I got out to the car this morning. The weather was quite frigorific, as they say. I haven’t fallen this year into the usual mad rush to get everything finished by Christmas and have even been heard to utter ‘is the world going to end or something’.   I don’t know why we do it. People are demanding meetings before we close for the festive period when we all know that nothing is going to happen between then and the New Year.

I have started my annual deletion of files that I don’t need. This year of course I don’t have anything in paper form to chuck out but I have set some time aside to work through all those iterations of documents that are no longer needed.

Management Wednesday again and a whole day at County Hall. Before Senior Leadership Team I met with Kim to push on my suggested approach to creating an apprentice hub. We dug out my original report, suggested a few amendments and agreed to take it to Resources Management Team.

SLT started with a discussion on business continuity planning. Our approach has always been twofold, firstly to try and remove those single points which could stop the business running and secondly by focussing on what we would do in the event of a disaster. Su joined us as our plan could do with a bit more information, or at least refer to that fact that we have it. I’ve always struggled with the concept of trying to work out what might happen in advance and playing out potential scenarios as opposed to getting excited when an incident does occur. As Helmuth von Moltke the Elder said ‘No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.’

SLT was in a playful mood and I was the butt of their amusement. With Audit, Risk and Health and Safety on the agenda it was always going to be fun. At times I felt like I was trying to herd cats and nail jelly to the wall at the same time. Still, our discussions about future meetings and our schools newsletter struck some balance. The requests for mentoring from the Senior Project Leads have come in. We agreed how we are going to apportion the numbers so that everyone gets a fair crack.

After lunch I had one report on the Resources Management Team meeting. It was around the opportunity to run our committee meetings without paper. It was quite timely as we’ve been trying to manage our papers through SharePoint and there had been a few issues over the week. Fortunately they had been resolved by yesterday afternoon and I was able to maintain my own paper free approach.

Learning points for today: Sometimes we bark at the wrong cars; we have had a nine-month and a fifty-one week year; a case conference is like a meeting; even Pam’s at it now and; we try to cover too much ground.

Today’s enjoyment rating 6/10 – treacle!

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