A year of work in progress – day 209

Day 209 – 4 December 2014

There is a bridge in Paris across the Seine to which lovers have attached thousands upon thousands of padlocks as tokens of their undying love for each other.   They write their names on the padlock and toss the keys into the water below. The bridge is called the Pont des Arts and there are so many symbols of affection that the railings are starting to collapse.

There is a bridge in Newcastle over the Tyne and the north wind was whipping round its dun coloured girders and through my coat as I made my way over it from the Central Station to the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead. The bridge is called the High Level and there are a handful of padlocks to be seen. I’m sure that the good people of the city are just as affectionate as any other only perhaps not as demonstrative. The bridge railings are in no danger of collapse yet it is a nice touch.

I was off to the Hilton for one of two Microsoft events that I’m attending this month. Like buses, you wait for a while then two come along at once. The event was billed as a Transform the Datacentre Workshop but the agenda looked like a get rid of your data centre and put it all in the cloud pitch. If I’d known that then I don’t think I would have bothered. The case for cloud is still unproven to me and not really a big deal. In essence we’ve been running with a private cloud for years anyway. Things got a bit technical and so I gave my apologies and left.

I came back across the High Level on the other side of the road and found many more padlocks. Clearly the people of Gateshead are more amorous than their more northerly cousins.

I made my way to Morpeth County Hall. It was their turn for a round of presentations. Thanks to geography (all of the ICT team are in one building) we only had to do two sessions. This is the fourth time that Neil and I have done these together and they went down really well. Attendance was great and there was a real buzz within the rooms. Paul covered where we are with the joint work while Neil gave an update on accommodation and the people bits. I only had a couple of slides to do but managed to get in a mention for Dynamo and the North East Combined Authority. I just can’t help myself. I came away with a warm feeling.

Graham was also in Morpeth so we took the opportunity to catch up and prepare for next week’s North East ICT Managers’ meeting.   I did the catching up and Graham did the preparation. We even managed to agree a location.

Learning points for today: You live and learn; Christmas decorations are not PSN compliant; all issues take their own time to resolve and; the key to winning people over is to win over those they look up to.

Today’s enjoyment rating 7/10 – this morning was a nice walk.

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