The public cause

The public cause takes priority over individual needs according to Lieutenant D’Agosto of the New York Police Homicide Division.  Okay, so he is a made up character from the Prendergast series by Preston and Child but is he really speaking the truth? Life is complicated, at one end lies totalitarianism and at the other liberalism. … Continue reading The public cause

The Divided Self

What a fascinating book ‘The Divided Self’ by RD Laing is.  It is perhaps not the kind of book I would normally pick up but it was lying around and it is quite thin.  I would urge anyone who has any interest in the workings of humanity to give it a go.  Why?  Because the … Continue reading The Divided Self

Guerrilla Workers unite

‘You’re not the only Guerrilla Worker you know’ Ian said to me.  I must admit I was a little taken aback by his tone.  It was as if he was accusing me of claiming to be something that I wasn’t.  When I stopped and thought about it however I felt better.  Perhaps I am not … Continue reading Guerrilla Workers unite

North East Data Group part 1

Last night I had the pleasure of presenting to the North East Data group at Campus North on what Durham is up to with Open Data.  There were twenty or so people in the room and it was interesting how many of them I already knew.   It was a story of two halves, with my … Continue reading North East Data Group part 1

We talk about diversity

There is a lot of talk about diversity in the media these days.  Only this morning when I put on the telly there was an article on assessing disabled people’s ability to work.  The government has promised to overhaul the work capability process and has promised to make it more personal.  Their hope is that … Continue reading We talk about diversity

The Limitations of Language

As humans we live in a relatively narrow band.  Our dimensions are at a human scale.  In relative and universal terms, we don’t travel that far, certainly not up or down, we don’t live very long and we mingle with a small group of associates.  Our languages have been developed to describe our world in … Continue reading The Limitations of Language

Crazy systems implementation time

Day 4 of Customer Service Week and it is flying by.  Today’s theme, as set by the Institute of Customer Services is Collaboration.  On the back of this I thought it would be a great opportunity to go and sit amongst some of my customers.  Now this is something I do quite often yet the … Continue reading Crazy systems implementation time