Social Trust

According to the The Behavioural Insights Team, social trust is one of the most important measures that most people have never heard of. Until a few days ago I was one of them. I first came across the term in the book ‘The Social Animal’ by David Brooks. I would recommend it highly by the … Continue reading Social Trust

Remember when we had banks

Oh no, I have got a cheque. I’ll have to traipse down to the bank and put it into my account but there hasn’t been a branch of my bank in Morpeth for years. The nearest must be ten kilometers away. I’ll leave it until I go into town next. Even though the branch on … Continue reading Remember when we had banks

Would I trust me?

Trust is something I keep coming back to.  Perhaps I bang on about it a bit too much yet, for me, it goes to the very core of what we are trying to achieve as an organisation.  It is our last taboo.  It is the very large elephant in the room and needs to be … Continue reading Would I trust me?


Sunday 11th August and the third day of the ashes test is well underway at the Riverside ground in Chester-Le-Street.  Australia’s first innings is close to the end.  Anderson takes a run up and bowls.  The ball bounces and strikes Lyon on the pad.  The England team turn to the umpire, raise their hands in … Continue reading Hawkeye