Would I trust me?

Trust is something I keep coming back to.  Perhaps I bang on about it a bit too much yet, for me, it goes to the very core of what we are trying to achieve as an organisation.  It is our last taboo.  It is the very large elephant in the room and needs to be addressed.

Now when I talk of trust I don’t mean it in the sense of would someone take a hit for me but rather can I rely on them to be out there doing what needs to be done.  In an environment where people are given the freedom to work in the way that they feel is best then we all need to be confident that the work is being done.  We need to know that our colleagues will not let us down, at least on purpose.  We need to be able to trust them

So trust needs to be engendered yet I have come to the conclusion that it is not something that can be simply trained.  You cannot attend a course on trusting and walk out with the simple formula.  Trust is hard earned and easily lost.

It is a feeling of reliability, confidence and integrity between people and so the best way to grow trust is to cause people to build relationships.  Only through a greater understanding of each other’s positions can we hope to have any foundation on which to build mutual trust.  So that is where my effort is best placed, in bringing people together in situations that lead to greater involvement and collaboration.  Trust is a contact sport.

Yet it takes two sides.  To be trusted you need to be trustworthy.  We need to look deep inside ourselves and ask is what we are doing creating the right environment for trust to nurture?  Do I do a good job?  Am I responsible and accountable?  Can I be relied upon to be out there doing what is needed to the best of my ability?  Am I constantly looking for ways to improve my understanding and skills?  Do I focus on issues and solutions rather than personalities?  Do I take a genuine interest in others and say good things about them?  Do I share information honestly and widely?

In short, am I a person that I would trust?

2 thoughts on “Would I trust me?

  1. Trust and integrity go together. I think you are a person of integrity and I trust you. However, that is a great question to ask. Many people lie to themselves or have a gap between who they are in public and who they are privately. It is not so much that they are two faced, it is that they do not know who they are or need to be so they pretend to further their own ends.
    Trust is an exchange. As such, it is based on reciprocity. If the other person is not trustworthy then the exchange will not be based on reciprocity. One caveat is that we can never know ourselves truly. To attempt that is to seek to be deluded or descend into madness. Instead we have to accept that the context of a normal situation is where we understand trust. Obviously, a gun to our heads is a different situation where trust may not be easy to reciprocate like in the film In the Line of Fire.

    1. Thanks Lawrence and believe me, I wasn’t fishing. Trust is a very confused concept and I think it is useful to be introspective at times and challenge your own assumptions.

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