A nod to the clouds

I suppose it's been quite a day.  There was no fanfare nor a round of applause but sometimes the big things happen without any razzmatazz.   They just happen. I'll start by saying that this was the best ever strategic ICT Group I have been a part of.  Not that the bar for that is very high.  … Continue reading A nod to the clouds

Socitm revisited

When Roy first asked me to get involved in Socitm I was a little less than enthusiastic.  My attitude has changed however.  After a slow start we have got something good going. The meetings go from strength to strength. There was a time when there was only the single representative from the twelve local authorities … Continue reading Socitm revisited

Symbiosis or parasite

We hear a lot about disrupters these days.  Technology so a disruptive industry.  It has allowed new business models to emerge and firms have sprung up overnight that are sweeping away the old guard and rewriting the rules on how firms should operate.  They have disrupted. Organisations such as Google, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb and Hungryhouse … Continue reading Symbiosis or parasite

Re-election season

  I have been re-elected as the president of Socitm North East for another year, in absentia, which is nice.  Last week was our annual general meeting but with one thing and another I wasn't able to attend for the first half.  I gather I wasn't opposed.  Richard has also been re-elected as vice chair.  … Continue reading Re-election season

Creating a joint vision

I've talked about this before in my blog.  We have been running some joint management sessions with the ICT Leadership team and that of one of the services.  Not that we haven't met before, both teams know each other on a one to one basis but we haven't always met as a collective. Using this … Continue reading Creating a joint vision

A perennial problem

Our voyage of discovery continues.  It would seem that all of the messages are just not getting through.  It's not just us though.  This is not an ICT services problem.  The delivery services have the same problem as well.  People do not know why we have bought a specific system.  They do not understand the … Continue reading A perennial problem

Dynamo energy

The room was full of energy at last night's Dynamo North East event. They are held monthly but with all of the other things I have to attend I haven't been able to make it for a while. This time it was held at Northumbria University.  I was running a little late as I had … Continue reading Dynamo energy


Sometimes it works out that people can’t make the meetings that have been arranged and so you end up with some spare time to catch up.  Not that you can ever catch up as there is always more to do but it helps.  This is how it was this morning with my first two meetings.  … Continue reading Durhack

Channel shift in action

We are witnessing channel shift in action.  OK, the customer contact centres were closed over the Christmas break but guess what…  The Internet was open and so was our new CRM system.  In spite of us not advertising it more widely yet, (you always have your opening event once things have settled down a bit) … Continue reading Channel shift in action


Technology has been a threat to jobs ever since it was first used.  I get that.  All technology must improve efficiency in order to lower the cost of the previous technology it is replacing.  This covers everything from the car, to the food-processor to the radio.  Technology allows us to do things that would have … Continue reading Uberisation