Sometimes it works out that people can’t make the meetings that have been arranged and so you end up with some spare time to catch up.  Not that you can ever catch up as there is always more to do but it helps.  This is how it was this morning with my first two meetings.  The first one was my own fault however, in that I had forgotten to invite anyone.  I had a room booked but no attendees and it is not the first time that this has happened.  Even my systems are fallible.

The silver lining this presented was that I could think about our upcoming hackathon.  It has been arranged for the last weekend in January by the Durham Students Entrepreneur Society, or at least Sara from that organisation.  On reflection we have been talking about doing something for eighteen months now but finally it is coming to fruition.

We are one of the main sponsors, not that it is costing much but this has given us a chance to set the theme – something along the lines of the economic prosperity of Durham City.  Waterstons are also sponsoring and so once again our paths have crossed.

We are collating the data, through Data Mill North of course and the amazing news is that there are only seven tickets left, even before it has been properly advertised.  It has been well oversubscribed but an element of attrition is expected.  The prizes have been bought and some free stuff gathered from willing suppliers.  It looks like we will be good to go in a fortnight’s time.

I need to think of some words to say to open up the event but I only have five minutes to fill and so that should not be too much of a problem.  Something along the lines of the tech future, more jobs and putting Durham on the map ought to do it.

We seem to have been working on this for a long time now but now it is getting all exciting.

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