Global reach

There are one hundred and ninety-six countries on the world.  One less if you don’t count Taiwan (don’t tell Trump).  Last year, at least one person read my blog from eighty four of these sovereign states, up from sixty-four in the previous year.  That means my blog has covered over forty-two per cent of the planet.  It has been read in six of the seven continents, Africa (Zambia for example), Asia (Hong Kong and Macau to name a couple), Australia/Oceania (Papua New Guinea is probably the most exotic), Europe (twenty-seven separate countries), North America (all of them except Greenland – what is up with them?), and South America (only three of the twelve).  The only continent left is Antarctica which is perhaps a step too far.  I am not well read in snow covered land masses.

I’m sure you can get broadband in Antarctica, indeed for a long time you could get better broadband on the moon than in parts of Durham.  What else would they do in the international science stations in the dark and long winter nights?

You would think that people had better things to do.

That’s quite exciting.  Through the wonders of modern technology, I have managed to touch the lives of people all over the globe.  I am truly international, even if it is only in a small way.

I have a global reach – a global brand.

The rise of the internet has been amazing.  It has transformed every aspect of our lives and I am a net contributor.  I give as well as receive and I am feeding the global phenomenon that is social media.

My little daily blog is adding to the pile of human detritus that digital archaeologists will sift through in years to come.  Did people really write this stuff?  Did people really read it?  I may become as famous in future as Piltdown Man or King Tut himself.

Anything is possible with the internet.

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