Fake truth

The media is filled with fake news. Everyone is claiming that this story or that is made up and not true at all. Who can tell?  What is real and what is not?  The temptation to elaborate a story to stand out against the competition has always been around but has never been greater. It is a race to feed the twenty-four hour news bulletins, fill the newsstands and populate the endless reaches of cyberspace.

In addition, at work now there is a phrase that is being used a lot.  I have heard it many times over the last few months and that is ‘a single version of the truth’.  The people who use it say if only we could agree what is true everything would be all right.  We would all be in the same page.

Yet there is no such thing as the truth, there is only perception and probability.  When we read something or hear something, all of us come away with a slightly different interpretation of what was meant.  All of us have different perceptions and there is a probability that were right or wrong.

Getting to a single version of the truth is impossible, but this is not a bad thing.  Humans are at our best when we deal with variability.  Absolute consistency is not possible to achieve when dealing with our species.  Only machines can deliver such a thing.  This is a case for celebration.  We need to understand that different perceptions lead to boundless opportunity.  Different interpretations and different views lead us to a more rounded understanding of what is under consideration.  A single version of the truth is nothing more than indoctrination.  It is the application of one person’s will over another.  This is not the road down which we need to go.

Be careful.  Do not take what you read or hear as gospel.  Make up your own mind and build on your own perceptions.  There are many more than one versions of the truth.  After all, there is a probability that you may well be right.

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