A nod to the clouds

I suppose it’s been quite a day.  There was no fanfare nor a round of applause but sometimes the big things happen without any razzmatazz.   They just happen.

I’ll start by saying that this was the best ever strategic ICT Group I have been a part of.  Not that the bar for that is very high.  I had three papers for the meeting and in a way that was a good sign.  I was well prepared. (Note to self- be better prepared.)

There was a list of the projects that the Core Group had agreed to prioritise for next year.  The momentous thing about this was that we had said no to some projects.  This was not ICT Services pushing back but rather the business itself.  (Please note that ICT Services is part of the business.)

There was also a proposed approach to business intelligence, or BI as we know it colloquially, something we have been grappling with for some time.   It looks like we already have the products we need, we are just not using them as we should.  Just taking an empirical approach to the product set we have should sort that out.  I have got a few more groups to talk to and convince but I am feeling much more positive about the whole BI thing.

The last report was a cloud protocol, a list of standards and compliance regimes to work through when we are considering buying a new system, to decide whether to buy an in house or cloud based solution.  It was a checklist that will ensure the security and integrity of our data when it is hosted offsite and who knows where.  That may not sound like anything much or earth shattering but with a nod of heads to agree the report we have crossed the Rubicon.  I don’t believe the flood gates have been opened but it has cleared the way for us to move applications in to the cloud.

The public cloud that is, but you knew I meant that anyway.

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