Coming into view

I like doing jigsaw puzzles. They are something that every semi-retired person should do between queuing at Boots for a prescription and writing angry letters to the council. I've written about doing them several times before and it is a subject I keep coming back to, partly because they fascinate me and partly because they … Continue reading Coming into view

Tips should be banned

The trades union Unite is delighted that the government has decided to ban restaurant owners from keeping back a share of tips that customers give to staff. According to its website, Unite has been exposing rip-off tipping practices in the hospitality industry since 2008. In response to the announcement, a Unite regional officer Dave Turnbull … Continue reading Tips should be banned

Customizing reality

Dan Biddle, at Thinking Digital 2017, talked about customizing reality.  He is a media strategist and so should know about these things.   He told us how the latest wave in social media is to augment something that has happened, taking a picture and meddling about with it or taking a video and adding a … Continue reading Customizing reality

Hacking for our people

I like working with Waterstons.  I would have said I love working with them but my father in law used to say you can only love people not things.  May he rest in peace.  He is still remembered.  I could say I love working with the people of Waterstons.  Vic would be happy with that. … Continue reading Hacking for our people

Learn from play

Children learn from play. Hold the front page. Who could believe it? Whatever will they think of next? I heard it on the news so it must be true, yet anyone who has ever had children knows this to be self-evident.  Children learn the social norms of interaction, collaboration and hierarchy through play.  Anyone who … Continue reading Learn from play

Strictly come Newcastle

Saturday nights haven’t been the same since Strictly Come Dancing finished just before Christmas.  We used to love to settle down in front of the telly with a steak dinner on our laps and enjoy the glamour, the glitz and the pure escapism of the BBC’s flagship entertainment show. (The evenings haven’t been the same … Continue reading Strictly come Newcastle