Weapon of choice

Is Facebook the new Prime Minister’s weapon of choice? It seemed an odd choice of platform to use when he announced his latest wheeze, an unofficial Prime Minister's question time, apparently online. The headlined idea was to allow real people to ask questions of him which he could then answer. Of course, I imagine the … Continue reading Weapon of choice

Customizing reality

Dan Biddle, at Thinking Digital 2017, talked about customizing reality.  He is a media strategist and so should know about these things.   He told us how the latest wave in social media is to augment something that has happened, taking a picture and meddling about with it or taking a video and adding a … Continue reading Customizing reality

Opinions – a dollar a dozen

You can buy Twitter followers.  Only $17 for 5000.  What a bargain!  While you are at it how about some Facebook friends?  They’re like real friends.  Who is going to know?  Only $67 for 3000.  You can also buy YouTube views, Facebook likes, Twitter retweets and even LinkedIn connections.  Why? If you are a new … Continue reading Opinions – a dollar a dozen