Opinions – a dollar a dozen

You can buy Twitter followers.  Only $17 for 5000.  What a bargain!  While you are at it how about some Facebook friends?  They’re like real friends.  Who is going to know?  Only $67 for 3000.  You can also buy YouTube views, Facebook likes, Twitter retweets and even LinkedIn connections.  Why?

If you are a new company wanting to promote your business on Social Media and can’t wait to do it the hard way, or if you want to get maximum exposure in the shortest possible time or you want your products and promotional activities to go viral then that’s why.

Building your online presence could take years.  You might have the next wonder product but you don’t have the exposure.  Buying these things gives the impression that other people like what you do and humans are like sheep, we follow the flock.

You could also seem as if you are unpopular, not liked, un-poked even.  With thousands of friends hanging one every status update you’ll become cool, out there and in the zone.

What’s the world coming to?  You can’t even trust what’s on the internet anymore?

I have an idea.  How about I start a business selling opinions?  I’ve got plenty and there seems to be enough people around who can’t think of any of their own.  Perhaps I could sell them at $1 for a dozen? 

I could break them down into groups.  I could have opinions about fashion, politics, food, writers, motor vehicles, music, films, and the weather.  I could have opinions about every walk of life and anyone who didn’t have an opinion could just buy a bunch and have them handy whenever they needed one or two.

Suddenly they could become bigoted, arrogant and cocky without having to try too hard.

I could segment them by size and perhaps charge a premium for the longer ones.  I could do put-downs, pithy points of view, assumptions, speculations, gossip mongering, rants and fully blown diatribes.

It’s a huge opportunity.  All I need is a successful online marketing campaign supported by a well thought out social media presence.  I could start off small and build my business, but why wait?  I’m opinionated enough already.  I have my stock in hand.

Should I go for the 3000 friends or would it be better to splash out a little more?

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