Hasn’t he done well?

We were sitting in a small group, a break out from the main session that we had been attending.  I forget what it was about but probably some developmental workshop in a place that I cannot recall.  We were chatting away, each of us trying to pick the correct moment to interject and put our point across.  We had been given a topic to discuss and several other groups were in the differing corners of the room.

It must have been something to do with entrepreneurship as the conversation swung round to being successful.

Someone said, ‘He’s done really well, he’s got two helicopters.’

What a strange society we have become.  She wasn’t talking about someone who was running a helicopter business but about someone who had made so much money from their business that they were able to afford what I imagine to be an expensive luxury.

We have become obsessed with money as if it is the only value that is worth pursuing.  Turn on the TV, read a magazine and it is money, money, money. 

The Antiques Roadshow on the BBC used to be an  interesting programme about unusual and historic items that people had in their homes but now they skip all that and just talk about the money they could get.  Of course no one is ever going to sell them!  You can see that by the pound signs in their eyes.

The Premier League used to be about having the best footballers in the world playing in the most exciting league in the world but now it’s all about how much each player costs and the ludicrous lifestyles they live.

Kim Kardashian is paying $18,000 a week for people to help her lose her baby weight.  That’s more than most of the world earns in a year!

Flash cars, big houses, grab as much as you can, consume the world’s resources and to hell with the rest of you.

When the last tree is cut down, the last river is poisoned, the last fish caught, only then will man discover that he cannot eat money – a Cree proverb.  Money won’t visit you when you are ill.  It won’t stay with you when you are lonely.  Its only value is when it is traded.

Whatever happened to real values?

So I said ‘Hasn’t he done well? He loved his children, he provided for his family.’

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