The cloud will be the saviour of all mankind if you believe the hype. It will feed the hungry, liberate the poor and satiate our warring bloodlust. The world will be a better place thanks to the cloud. But how can a simple hosting arrangement, the rewriting of software or a transfer of revenue make … Continue reading Cumulating

Symbiosis or parasite

We hear a lot about disrupters these days.  Technology so a disruptive industry.  It has allowed new business models to emerge and firms have sprung up overnight that are sweeping away the old guard and rewriting the rules on how firms should operate.  They have disrupted. Organisations such as Google, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb and Hungryhouse … Continue reading Symbiosis or parasite

A perennial problem

Our voyage of discovery continues.  It would seem that all of the messages are just not getting through.  It's not just us though.  This is not an ICT services problem.  The delivery services have the same problem as well.  People do not know why we have bought a specific system.  They do not understand the … Continue reading A perennial problem

Underused tech

Some days can be very trying.  Today was one of them, born of frustration.  I have tried to bite my tongue but not always successfully.  You see my problem is that I have been involved in a number of workshops about digital – whatever that means.  The thing is that technology can do anything as … Continue reading Underused tech

Collaborating now

The demonstration was impressive but then again they always are.  Microsoft had done a good job in setting up some mock environments to show their newest technology in action.  It all went on in the banqueting suite at the Centre for Life in Newcastle, which seems to be the favourite domain of the big tech … Continue reading Collaborating now

Mega board revisited

Yesterday we had our first performance meeting under the new management arrangements.  Bringing the management and leadership teams together every fortnight hadn’t delivered what we, or at least I had hoped for.   The meetings had lacked focus and purpose and so it was time to try something new.  We need to keep trying until we … Continue reading Mega board revisited

Fresh perspectives

I read that Taiichi Ohno would draw a circle on the floor and make his new disciples stand in it and observe how things really worked.  He would make them stay there until they had a strong understanding of the business. I think it was in the book ‘The Machine that Changed the World’ in … Continue reading Fresh perspectives